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Thermal Welding of an Oil Tank

In this project a TIG welding simulation has been simulated on an aluminum (5052 - H32) oil tank with very small thickness. The minimum and maximum thicknesses were 1mm and 5mm respectively. The aim of the simulation was to determine the residual stress in the tank after TIG welding.


The material properties for both thermal and structural analysis have been assumed as temperature dependent.

Due to symmetric boundary condition, a quarter model has been analyzed.

The employed heat flux formula was:



Heat_Flux= Heat_value / (Electrode_Area)


An APDL code was generated for this analysis not only to simulate the traverse of the electrode on the oil tank but also to employ parametric design in the oil tank design.


 Aluminum 5052 Young Modulus vs. Temperature

Aluminum 5052 Conductivity vs. Temperature



Temperature Contour


Von misez Stress Contour



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