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Spiral Forming Simulation

residual stresses on welding lines of a tube formed by spiral forming have explicitly determined in LS-Dyna.

Spiral forming procedures are based on the fact that the plate must be entered to the rollers with an angle which is equivalent to output angle. The tube diameter highly depends on the location of the final rollers.

The plate was very wide in this project, so 18 rollers were used in each raw. Two kind of methods are used:

  1. 2D simulation with one roller in each raw

  2. 3D simulation with 18 rollers in each raw

2D Simulation


3D Analysis

The number of rollers with their angles are based on real condition and the height of first raw of rollers is set according to 2D analysis result. The holder rollers are fixed while the forming rollers are free to rotate about their axis in order to form the plate to become tube.

plate motion is set using prescribe_motion and it is deactivated for the nodes which pass the last fixed roller.


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