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Explicit Impact Simulation of Concrete Confined With a Network of Rebar Steel

In this project, a network of steel rebar was considered as concrete reinforcement in order to improve its energy absorption capacity under impact of a rigid body.


The FE model was generated in Hypermesh and run in LS-Dyna with explicit solution.

One of the main goal of the analysis was to find crack distribution under impact area which is depicted in following pictures. So Mat_Winfrith_Concrete (*MAT084-085) were used that that had ability to generate additional binary output database containing information on crack location.

Different number of rows of 0deg and 90deg steel network were used and impact velocity was 4m/s.





Impact part on top of concrete



Two rows of steel network in the concrete



Von mises stress in concrete

Rebar displacement contour



Crack generated in concrete



Last modified on 17/06/2015

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