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Design and Analysis of Rear Twist Beam Axle

In this project, a rear twist beam axle was designed geometrically in CATIA and then was optimized for the locations of the hardpoints to have good handling performance in ADAMS/Car.

After dynamic design, the geometry was structurally evaluated using ANSYS and Altair Hypermesh FEA tool. Several Load cases were selected for the structural calculation.

Some major system targets would be met in this design were:

  • Modal Frequencies (First Torsion, First Bending)
  • Wheel rate gradient
  • Toe/Camber Gradient
  • Roll steer
  • Camber Steer
  • Lateral/Longitudinal Compliance
  • And so on

Some major vehicle target would be met in this design were:

  • Steer angle VS. Lateral acceleration
  • Roll angle gradient
  • Front/Rear slip angle
  • Pitch frequency
  • And so on

In order to do a fast calculation on the axle structure, the MNF file was made in order to calculate stress/strain in ADAMS/Solver. So, the design loop could be finalized in a short period of time.

By the end of each geometric design, a clearance study would carry out. The following animation was derived from ADAMS/Car indicating opposite wheel travel in which durability analysis was set on and the shortest distance between damper to beam was calculated in each step.


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