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Design and analyze a wind damper for space shuttle

In this project, a single-point mechanism was theoretically designed and checked its functionality in MSC.ADAMS in order to damp the wind forces in several directions.

Space shuttles are imposed with wind force vibrations that have detrimental effects for their take off performance. Tow spring dampers were designed and selected to damp the vibration based on natural and imposed frequencies. 

  • Whole mechanism was structurally analyzed with FE analyses in ANSYS. Altair Hyperworks was the main preprocessor for mesh generation.

  • Durability of all joints were evaluated in MSC Fatigue with regard to load history of wind forces.

  • Due to confidentiality, some pictures are selected to be presented in the site.


Space shuttle, single-point mechanism and stand




Designed Damper and spring Coefficient


Designed Stand





Performed modal analysis


fxy005fxy (6)

Rocker finite element analysis

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